Our workforce is the lifeline of our economy. When our workforce does well our economy prospers which is why building up our region's workforce and enhancing the skills of our youth, veterans, displaced workers, and disabled individuals will be my top priority as Congresswoman.

District 41 is home to a diverse and young working population with a fast growing research university that attracts thousands from other parts of the world and based in the largest city in the Inland Empire. District 41 also has a strong network of innovative community colleges and public schools with growing career technical education programs. A few years ago I facilitated and started public-private partnerships between local high schools and business industries that will develop the future workforce of the 21st century. It is essential that we increase federal investments in our public education and skills training programs that will grow the economy and prepare our working population and future generations for technological changes to come. A large part of growing our workforce must include efforts to increase resources to support our teachers and skills trainers to include increased wages and resources for equipment and supplies.


Healthcare for all means providing individuals and families the best healthcare options possible because a healthy workforce is a resilient workforce. Access to free healthcare is absolutely essential in ensuring that our working population and their families are taken care of, but we also need to be sure that members of our communities maintain the private insurance plans that work best for them.


Provide access to a variety of housing options that people can afford but keeping in mind that the needs of our growing millennial population are different from those of our aging population. We need innovative and collaborative solutions to addressing the housing needs of our growing population but, more importantly, the needs of those without homes.


District 41 is a destination for recreation, higher learning, housing and business development opportunities! We need a regional vision that builds upon the strengths and opportunities of our District and emphasize the assets that make our region attractive for new investments in economic and business development.


Become global experts in the movement of goods by developing new and sustainable solutions in the fields of logistics and supply chain that will grow the economy, protect the environment and improve quality of life for residents.

In the past decade, District 41 has grown to become a hotbed for logistics and warehousing. While this has attracted new developments into the region the lack of federal attention to Riverside County's growth trends has resulted in poor federal investments toward transportation infrastructure for the region. This will change under my leadership as I introduce a vision and legislation that will not only promote regional collaboration in the movement of goods, but develop strategies that will bring the necessary investments into the region to improve our public infrastructure, protect the environment and our residents' quality of life.


Protect the Base by expanding airport infrastructure while growing the local economy.


The best legacy that we can leave behind for future generations is a healthy environment. We need to create and reform existing environmental policies to create a clear path forward on how to build a new economy on clean and green energy.